David- David has been the owner of The Warming House since 1983.  Prior to owning the business he taught Special Education.  David is an avid long-distance hiker- he wishes he could do it all the time.  David is the king of boot fitting.  He is one of the best in the country at finding the perfect boot for any feet.  Yes, even your feet…he loves a good challenge…bring it on!

Favorite Hike: Anything in Europe that’s long and has a cold beer waiting at the end of the day.

Phebe- Phebe has also owned The Warming House since 1983 and is David’s better half.  Before the shop, she was a high school music teacher.  Instead of putting together concerts, she now puts together hiking trips.  She loves to hike, snowshoe, travel and write (she’s the writer of the store blog).

Favorite Hike: Anything in France especially Alsace, the Cevennes or Maritime Alps.  In Colorado, it doesn’t get any better than hiking over the divide or climbing Mt. Alice



Mike – Mike has been with The Warming House so long we can’t remember when he started. He is on the week-end crew, enjoys hiking and snowshoeing and is always ready to help you with smile on his face.

Favorite Hike:  Anything he can do early in the morning before work.

Beauregard- Shop Dog “Beau” is our latest staff addition.  He’s a red-tri Austrailian Shepherd.  He’ll greet you with his toys and sit on your feet while you try on boots.  We’re still working on the “goosing the customers” part.

Favorite Hike: Any hike is Beau’s favorite hike.